Bali Travel Tips


The following are some useful tips on customs, traditions, taboos and general travel when staying in Bali:


  • All visitors travelling to Indonesia must be in possession of a passport valid for at least six months from date of arrival, and have proof of onward passage
  • Please ensure that you meet all necessary visa and health requirements for your country of citizenship and residence, and if unsure please contact Bali Luxury Villas or your local travel agent
  • Most villas use 220V, with a round two pronged electrical plug
  • Bali’s time zone is GMT +8
  • Bali hotels and restaurants have a 10% service charge included, and if not, then a tip of approximately 10% is appropriate
  • Beware of money changing, only trust registered money changers or banks
  • ATM machines are readily available in the major centres
  • For safety and peace mind, we highly recommend hire of driver and vehicle, and not simply self drive rental, with road conditions and traffic being quiet dangerous
  • Drivers must be 18 years and older, and an International Drivers License or an ASEAN country drivers license is required for self drive car hire
  • Drink only bonefidé bottled water, do not drink tap water
  • Drink liquids frequently to avoid dehydration
  • Use of hats and sunscreen lotions is recommended
  • Use of tropical strength insect repellent is highly recommended throughout Bali
  • Many beaches in Bali have dangerous currents, only a few beaches have coast guards, and do not swim beyond the red flags
  • Drug use and drug trafficking is punishable by death


  • Never touch a Balinese person’s head, especially a child’s
  • Always only take and give an item with your right hand
  • Always remove your shoes before entering a private home
  • Proper decorum should be observed when visiting places of worship
  • Wear a sash and sarong around your waste when visiting temples or attending ceremonies
  • Nudist bathing in public places is against the Law
  • You can bargain for goods at most places, with the exception of department stores and shops advertising ‘fixed prices only’
  • Only bargain when you intend to buy, and when doing so always bargain to at least half of the asking price

Bali Travel Tips